Every month we highlight a FracTEL customer who has benefitted from our patented feature-based PBX network, demonstrating how FracTEL has the perfect business telecommunications solution to help you work smarter and grow faster – from Entrepreneur to Enterprise. 

FracTEL’s patented Cloud PBX technology allows organizations of any size to enjoy the same features and benefits previously only available to fortune 500 companies – at a fraction of the cost. Businesses can work smarter – reducing costs by 50 to 90% over legacy phone systems, scaling effortlessly, and leveraging a dramatic improvement in productivity.

In addition to immediate savings and unprecedented long-term value, FracTEL’s unique Integrated Communication platform facilitates a major paradigm shift, offering a unique and powerful way to telecom enable your information systems to optimize business processes in ways that are truly transformational.



FracTEL Cloud PBX helps your business Get Connected

Join thousands of happy customers using the FracTEL Cloud Communications solution. With a 100% Guaranteed Network Uptime SLA, no other provider can offer this level of service. You can be up and running in minutes, it’s that easy.

Concentrate on your business – not your phone system. Let FracTEL take your communications to the cloud and beyond!